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Metal Lathe Accessories, founded by Andy Lofquist in the early 1980’s, has been dedicated to providing quality castings, drawings, and instructions to the machining community since its first days of operation. Today, brothers Jack and Jared Pilch have preserved these high standards instilled by Andy, and are proud to offer the same first class products that have stood the test of time. Family owned and operated, Metal Lathe Accessories is insistent on putting its customers first and working hard to ensure a smooth ordering and delivery process.


Our kits are available for those who like to machine their own tooling at a greatly reduced cost. We offer gray iron castings that are stress relieved where necessary and can be machined with ordinary high speed tooling. The castings transform into machine tool components as good as those that can be bought commercially, and with careful workmanship will exceed in quality the commercial equivalent.


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