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The CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) equips South Bend 9 inch and 10K lathes, as well as some Logan and other lathes, for milling and line boring operations. It also permits mounting a rear tool post (such as the MLA-6) and a milling base (such as the S-4382A) to take full advantage of a milling attachment (such as the MLA-5). Even those who have a milling machine should consider a "T" slot cross slide to extend the capacity of the lathe for line boring operations. The dimensions in the illustration (please see above photo) are those of the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) received "as cast," which should be compared with the dimensions of the existing cross slide to determine suitability. Allow at least 1/16" for machining allowance. All existing hardware items, such as the present feed screw nut, can be used with the new cross slide, except that it is recommended a full length gib be used for best performance. Three "T" slots and four tapped holes give mounting locations on 1 5/8" centers. Kit includes iron casting, drawing, and machining instructions. A milling machine is required for machining the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382). Material for making the long gib plus nine 10-32 gib screws and jam nuts can be supplied with the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) and the ATLAS/CRAFTSMAN TYPE CROSS SLIDE (A-11) kits for an additional $10.00, no additional shipping required if sent with kit.


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