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The FILING MACHINE (MLA-18), a distinct machine tool in its own right, is a modern version of the traditional bench filer. Nominally, it is a machine for "Type A" files, but many other files up to 1/4 wide or 1/4 inch diameter can be adapted, which have straight sides (i.e. are "blunt" and not tapered). Any such file can be cut to the right length and mounted. The file is operated with a Scotch yoke and has a one inch stroke. The cutting stroke is downward. This type of filing machine is capable of very precise work, and of removing metal at a rapid rate. Due to the speed at which the file operates and the light work pressure required, the files do not clog, or "pin," and last a long time. You will find using the FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) a totally different experience from hand filing. Many kinds of intricate work can be done with it to a surprising degree of accuracy. It is ideal for precision model making and toolmaking.

The FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) measures 8 1/2 inches high from the mounting base to the work table. The work table is 7 inches in diameter and can be adjusted for angular filing. The FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) can be operated with practically any 1725 R.P.M., 1/4 H.P. motor, and probably even motors of less horse power. The FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) can be mounted on a board with the motor for portable use or permanently on a bench.

The minimum requirement for making the FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) is a lathe of nine inch or greater swing. If a milling machine is unavailable, it is recommended that the lathe be equipped with a "T" slot cross slide for some set ups. A drill press may also prove handy. Although the FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) is fairly large, it is easy to make. The operating mechanism is not complex and requires very little precision machining.

The basic kit for making the FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) consists of four iron castings: a body casting; table casting; back plate casting; and yoke casting. The body casting is cored for the operating mechanism, which is designed to run in an oil bath. The basic kit also includes four large drawing sheets (18 by 24 inches) showing components full size, as well as machining and operating instructions, including a sheet describing how to make "Type A" files from other kinds of files. Additionally, rectangular steel bar stock is provided to craft the support arms for the table casting.

Optional items include a five inch diameter cast iron pulley blank for flat belt drive, bearing material consisting of two pieces of continuous cast bronze 4 1/4 ins. long by 1 1/4 ins. and 1 in. diameter, and a hardware packet. Those items are offered as options, since many machinists already have them on hand. An ordinary hardware store pulley can also be used, as can other suitable material for the bearing sleeves. The hardware packet is supplied as an option to eliminate the need of having to buy items elsewhere in greater quantity than required. The hardware packet contains all twenty required screws (except for the pulley), a Woodruff key, and a 1/16 in. spring dowel pin.

Other materials required for making the filing machine are mostly common flat and bar stock. The machining instructions list a supplier that can furnish exactly the material you need, in the quantity you need at a modest cost, for that not at hand. 


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