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The FIXTURE SINE PLATE (MLA-12) combines the features of a rigid angle plate with the accuracy of adjustment of a traditional sine bar. Four sturdy cast iron arms that can be firmly locked allow positioning the work mounting face at any angle between zero and 90 degrees. By placing gauges between the sine bar and the measuring platform on the bottom plate precise angles can be set using standard sine tables or by calculation. The work face measures 3 3/8 inches wide by 6 inches long. It can be drilled and tapped for mounting work directly, or for a vise, or to suit other work mounting arrangements. Likewise the mounting holes in the bottom plate may vary somewhat for direct mounting or for mounting on an adaptor. Six stress relieved iron castings, an 18x24 inch full size drawing sheet, and illustrated machining instructions are provided for making the FIXTURE SINE PLATE (MLA-12). The prototype shown in the photos was made using only a nine inch lathe with a CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) . But as a practical matter the FIXTURE SINE PLATE (MLA-12) should be considered a milling machine project, although a lathe with the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) will be handy for line boring the hinge pin holes accurately to size and parallel. 


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