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This MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) can be mounted on South Bend 9 inch and 10K lathes as well as on the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382). It can also be mounted on the ATLAS/CRAFTSMAN TYPE CROSS SLIDE (A-11) using the MILLING BASE (S-4382A). The "T" slot vertical slide can be rotated 360 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical axes. The kit consists of six iron castings, drawings, and illustrated machining instructions, including the castings for a vise accessory (seen at the left in the photo) that can be mounted in the "T" slots. The MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) shown here was made using only a 9 inch South Bend lathe equipped with a "T" slot cross slide and some special fixtures. Nevertheless it is highly recommended that the machinist who does not have access to a milling machine consider the BORING and MILLING TRANSFER BLOCK (U-12) as a prior project, since it will be needed if the MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) is to be machined on the lathe.


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