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**Please Note: The MILLING BASE (S-4382A) can be combined with our larger kits in one box at no additional shipping charge. We will refund the appropriate amount to the customer upon shipment**


The MILLING BASE (S-4382A) mounts on the "T" slot CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) to permit more flexible use of the MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5), or a standard South Bend milling attachment, by providing a wide range of mounting locations in addition to the location provided by the topslide mounting hole. Although optional for mounting the MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) on the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382), the MILLING BASE (S-4382A) is an absolute requirement for mounting it on the ATLAS/CRAFTSMAN TYPE CROSS SLIDE (A-11). The kit for making the MILLING BASE (S-4382A) includes an iron casting and drawing sheet. No machining instructions are provided nor are ordinarily required, since the MILLING BASE (S-4382A) mounting system is simply a duplication of that of the standard South Bend CROSS SLIDE (S-4382). The photo shows the MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) mounted on the MILLING BASE (S-4382A) on the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382). Note the forward mounting location that cannot be provided except when using the MILLING BASE (S-4382A).


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