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The TAPER ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (S-4382B) attaches on the end of the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) for South Bend type lathes with taper attachments. The CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) with the TAPER ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (S-4382B) can be observed in the photo. The adaptor enables using the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) with the taper attachment without having to reinstall the old cross slide for taper turning.

The CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) with the TAPER ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (S-4382B) will be essentially the same as the old cross slide, except that in being longer to provide the large mounting surface with "T" slots, it will have a shorter taper attachment engagement slot. Therefore a minor modification should be made in the original set up. Instead of the engagement stud being permanently a part of the taper attachment slider, and always engaged in the cross slide slot, it is instead attached to the nut handle. Therefore on removing the handle and stud the slider can be parked out of the way at the tailstock end of the slideway when the taper attachement is not in use, allowing full cross slide travel.

The kit for making the TAPER ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (S-4382B) includes an iron casting, drawing, and machining instructions. The TAPER ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (S-4382B) can be made for the CROSS SLIDE (S-4382) or retrofitted to an existing cross slide.


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