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The MLA DIESEL (MLA-17) is a model diesel engine of the old pattern developed in Europe during World War II. It is a long stroke, moderate speed, high torque engine. So it is relatively docile and easy starting. Displacement is 1/5th cubic inch. The MLA DIESEL (MLA-17) measures 4 3/4" high by 5 3/4" long. No battery is required for operating it. Only fuel is required. This type of diesel is also called a "compression ignition" engine. In that sense it is like an ordinary diesel, except that there is no fuel injector, rather only a simple carburetor with a venturi and needle valve. With no miniature injector to consider, making the MLA DIESEL (MLA-17) is much simplified. The MLA DIESEL (MLA-17) is designed to require a minimum of tooling with the home machinist in mind. Most of the MLA DIESEL (MLA-17) is made from bar stock, much of which requires only plain turning. Only the crank and wrist pins require heat treatment, and those are made from standard drill rod and can be easily handled with a propane torch. In order to make the MLA DIESEL (MLA-17), a 27 page instruction booklet is supplied with supplementary set up drawings and photos. The booklet also includes information on model diesel fuel and engine operation. Along with the booklet are three large drawing sheets measuring 36 by 22 inches. The drawings show all items double size for clarity. Finally, three special Viton "O" rings are supplied for the head, compression screw, and (if desired) the needle valve assembly. Otherwise the engine builder is expected to supply his own materials and hardware items, sources for which are listed in the instruction booklet.


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